Foolproof methods for helping your girlfriend achieve orgasm

How to help your girl to get orgasm, how to satisfy a woman in bed

Warren Beatty, a Hollywood actor known for his romantic liaisons with some of the most glamorous actresses, famously likened an orgasm to a “sexual sneeze.” Here’s an overview of the most climactic experience in the world, often referred to as the big O. Kim Cattrall, renowned for her portrayal of the bold Samantha in the TV series Sex and the City, disclosed that she didn’t experience orgasm in her personal life until she met her husband Mark at the age of 40. She candidly shares in her book, “Satisfaction: Art of the Female Orgasm” (accessible in online bookstores). Badically the book is about enduring two decades of unfulfilling sexual relationships before finding satisfaction.

Kim emphasizes that it’s crucial for a man to understand how to bring a woman to orgasm, ensuring her complete satisfaction.

While understanding how to hookup isn’t the sole factor in fostering a healthy relationship, it can serve as a potent bonding agent between partners. For men, there’s a unique satisfaction in eliciting a response from their partner through touch.

However, it’s crucial to bear in mind that fixating too much on achieving orgasm can actually hinder its occurrence. The key is to unwind and savor the moment together, ensuring relaxation and enjoyment are the primary focus.

  1. The Grind

While engaging in intercourse, escalate the pressure applied to her clitoris by rotating your hips, akin to the movements made while grinding on a dance floor. Aim to press against the front of her groin using the area just above the penis. Initiating a rocking motion, whether back and forth or side to side, is an effective starting point.

  1. The Guiding Hand

As she straddles you, recline on your back with your stomach muscles contracted and your pelvis tilted upward. Place a pillow beneath your buttocks for added support. Direct your hand to her pubic area, positioning your thumb over her clitoris. As she moves atop you, stimulate her clit with your thumb.

  1. The T Formation

Have your partner lie on her back, while you position yourself perpendicular to her, forming a T shape. Straddle her outer leg. This position offers excellent opportunities for deep penetration, while allowing easy access to stimulate the clitoris manually. The combination of dual stimulation can often lead to a rapid achievement of orgasm.

  1. The G-Spot Enhancer

Position your partner on her back with her legs pressed together. As you position yourself on top, stand, or kneel in front, aim to be slightly diagonal rather than directly aligned with her. Lift both of her legs over one shoulder or allow them to hang off the bed or couch. Commence penetration. This position maximizes the likelihood of stimulating the G-spot.

Varieties of the Big O:

Clitoral: When self-pleasuring, women typically reach climax through clitoral stimulation, but this may overlook the potential for vaginal orgasms.

G-spot or vaginal: Vaginal intercourse, if not approached with care, can be less effective in stimulating a woman. The level of clitoral stimulation is often insufficient compared to masturbation or oral sex.

Tip: To achieve a vaginal orgasm, target the G-spot, located approximately 1.5 inches inside the vagina on the upper wall. A G-spot orgasm may lead to the legendary female ejaculation and a prolonged period of euphoria lasting 15-30 minutes.

The Health Benefits of Orgasm

Beyond its exhilarating pleasure, an orgasm offers numerous health benefits: it aids in burning calories, reduces cravings for junk food, alleviates tension, promotes better sleep, and relaxes muscles.

If you’re not achieving orgasm through intercourse, consider masturbation. In general solo or mutual masturbation is a safe and healthy method to reach climax, yet unfortunately, many women tend to avoid it.

The advantages of orgasm for women extend across a wide spectrum, touching on physical, emotional, and relational well-being. From relieving stress and promoting better sleep to enhancing heart health and intimacy, experiencing climax can enrich a woman’s life with happiness, vitality, and fulfillment. So, whether you’re in a committed relationship or enjoying a friend with benefits, don’t shy away from embracing pleasure and prioritizing your sexual health – your body and mind will reap the rewards.

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